I’ve had a few adventures since I last wrote. I know, I need to get better at keeping this thing updated (not that anyone really reads this anyways :-P). I’m not going to make excuses, just sheer laziness on my part.

First really fun adventure was over to the Marin Headlands. I dared to cross the GGB yet another time on my little Bessie (my scooter). This time, it was about 25 degrees warmer than the previous time I braved the bridge. And thank the gods for that, I got to ride over it wearing only a tee-shirt :-)

The Headlands are a MUST SEE if you are in the Bay area. Probably one of the best views of the Pacific and of San Francisco you will find. Battery Spencer is the first stop on the Coastal Route. You can walk up an easy trail to get absolutely amazing views of the GGB, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, and a little bit of the Sausalito area. It’s fun to be able to walk through the Battery grounds and into most of the structures. For the places that I couldn’t go, I sometimes found a crack or crevice that my camera would fit into and would snap a few photos to see if I could get anything viable. Some wins, some losses. You have to check out the set on my Flickr page.

I hiked up and around the Batteries that are tucked into the landscape and eventually worked my way over towards Rodeo Cove. I got off Bessie and decided that this is where I was going to step INTO the ocean, since that is something I had yet to do since moving here. It was a wonderfully warm Indian Summer day and the water was freezing cold. It was nice to watch the children and dogs frolicking on the beach, chasing each other and the water. There were a pair of really young toddlers there with their moms. They would chase the water when it receded and run from it when it would come rushing back in.

I had a fairly sudden drop in my blood sugar and desperately needed food. If you go over there, be sure to bring a bag lunch. There are NO places to get food in the headlands, you would have to drive over to Sausalito. Except for one place that I just happened to stumble upon: The Marine Mammal Center. My wonderful saving grace is their Gift Shop. I boought two bags of Cheez-its, a bag of Heinous Anus (Famous Amos) cookies, and chocolate covered granola bar and a Coke. And then proceeded to eat it all.

The place itself is wonderful. They are a hospital for sick or injured Harbor seals and sea lions. They have hospital kennels in the back that are open air and have an observation deck that’s open to the public. They also have a necropsy room with a viewing window. They do actual necropsies in order to learn more about the mammals and the disease/condition that killed them.

It was a really fun, full day of putting around a beautiful park. It was September 20th when I was there, and it was so nice out that I actually got sunburned! And now I have a Farmer’s tan. I don’t mind so much ;-)