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Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written on here. There have been a number of things going on in my life that have taken more of my time than I like to admit. Because of the deteriorating state of my health, I am no longer able to get out of the house as frequently as I used to (or would LIKE to). I also no longer have my scooter. My bf and I share a car and we attempt to get out of the house together and have “adventures” on the weekends when time and my health permit.

So, this past weekend, we were able to get up to San Rafael for a drive. I LOVE Marin county, the Headlands, and Mt. Tamalpais Park, so we often take this drive because it’s an easy route from our home (we live five minutes from the Headlands).

Mark and I headed North with my puppy Luna in tow for some fun times in the outdoors. San Rafael has a great little downtown that I enjoyed in my walking days, so we decided to make a stop there for lunch. We found a little place called Mauna Loa Hawaiian BBQ. It was right across the street from a Goodwill which was nice because Mark has been searching for some old used speakers for a project of his.

Because I am not able to walk very far, and I have this stupid, large oxygen tank in tow, we have to forgo long walks (or walking for long periods) and I was not able to shop with him. We enjoyed our lunch, the food was pretty good for the price and they even had shaved ice!

Mark checked out the Goodwill, I hung out with Luna outside, then we went back to the car and hung out for a bit so I could feed Luna her lunch.

Luna is our four month old MaltiPoo pup, we’ve had her for two months and she has been my shadow since day one. I don’t get outside very often, so her life is very similar to mine: not a lot of outdoor exposure. So, we decided that she needs to be introduced to Mother Nature. She’s been in our back yard and knows what grass and trees are, but she doesn’t know what sand and the ocean are. So, we thought we’d introduce her.


I was unaware that Stinson Beach doesn’t allow dogs on the beach. :(

Unfortunately, Luna STILL doesn’t know what sand and the ocean are, but we are hoping to remedy that on our next outing.

The drive through Mt. Tam park is always pretty breathtaking to me. The views of the ocean and the grandeur of the Redwoods are something I will never tire of. And the smell… it’s just refreshing to get out of the city.

We stopped at a nice grassy area near a trail head and let Luna run free. She had fun chasing after Mark down the trail and chewing on everything thing she could get her mouth on. I had fun sitting on a felled tree trunk, basking in the sunlight and watching the two of them romp. I also took my oxygen off for a while and remembered what life was like before my constant companion (O2). It was really nice to feel almost “normal” for a while and forget about the things that ail me.

I hope to write in here more often. Hopefully, it won’t be about mundane trips to the grocery store or doctor appts. :)