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So, as the title states, we took Luna to Ocean Beach today. Mark and I had been down at Stanford for a doctor appointment of mine and on the way back, we decided to stop by the beach. Today was the first truly HOT day, we hit 88 degrees, so there were TONS of people out. Literally everyone and their dog.

My appointment had been fairly early, so we were back in town around lunch time. We stopped and got a bucket of chicken from KFC and then headed home. It was kinda a spur-of-the-moment decision to stop at the beach, but we figured a quick little romp would be nice. I needed to stop and eat some food anyways. I get pretty car-sick on an empty stomach.

In my current state, I cannot traverse through sand. It would not only tire me out and put me out of commission for the rest of the day, but it would be awkward to drag a 15lb oxygen tank behind me as well. For those of you that don’t know Ocean Beach, it’s about 4 miles long and easily 50 feet from the walkway to the water.

So, I sat on a bench in the sun and ate my chicken while Mark took Luna down to the water. I didn’t actually see her go in the water, but they came back about ten minutes later and I had a little white, wet, sandy-bottomed Maltipoo making a beeline for me. She was SO excited. I guess she made quite the impression on others as well. They were asking Mark how he gets her to stay near him and to follow him wherever he goes. I think it’s mostly her being afraid of unfamiliar territory.

They went back out for another romp. I made sure that she was hydrated first. Trying to be a good puppy mom here. :)

We met a couple of people who were lounging on the bench with me. They loved Luna. In fact, everyone that saw her had an instant smile on their face. I don’t think it matters how “tough” you are or how “cool” you are trying to be, when you see this little half-soaked fluffball charging around on the beach with her tongue hanging out and grunting when she runs, it’s just too cute NOT to smile.

We made our stop a fairly short one. Despite Mark not physically being at work, he still had to work from home, which is what he’s been doing ever since we got back. I’m super tired. I get tired easily these days. EVERYTHING is exertion. I kinda have a low-grade fever too, probably just a little heat-stroke. It usually goes away by the next day, so I’m not worried.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a photo of Luna when she was all soaked and sandy. She was having such fun that I didn’t even think about it. I guess there’s always next time!